Root Chakra

The first chakra is situated at the base of the spine, where the Kundalini energy lies dormant. It is connected to the organs of elimination and is the foundation of everything in our lives. As every builder knows, you have to dig deep through the accumulated muck and dirt to build strong foundations! All our fears are stored here, so if do not clear it, you will live a fearful life. All our habits and addictions come from this area too, and you need to do quite aggressive and physical positions to clear it, working on the legs because you need to be grounded. Once you have cleared the energy points of blockages, you will start to grow in confidence. You will begin to accept and love yourself exactly the way you are. And you will accept that everything is as it is - and that it is perfect, at that moment. So first you accept yourself, and then you accept the way life is, and you do not fight it: instead you go with it, flow with it. And very often, later on, you will find, 'Wow!'! I was so worried about that, and now I realise I should not have been, because look where it brought me. As you start clearing the energy, clearing the chakras, you will find that this flow comes ever more easily.

The first three chakras are closely interconnected, and together are known as the lower triangle. They all focus on elimination, on getting rid of dead energy and waste matter, and their elements of earth, water and fire work closely together.

  • Governs: Acceptance, confidence and security
  • Shadow emotions: Resentment, rigidity
  • Colour: Red
  • Symbol: A lotus with four petals
  • Element: Earth

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