Fall in Love with your Body doing Yoga

Most people in our society today are dissatisfied with their bodies and they just cannot stop obsessing over the fact that they want to change how they look. Body bashing is basically obsessing over your flaws and talking bad about your body in front of the people that you hang out with and it is something that most people do not even realize that they indulge in on a regular basis.

Valuing your own body is very important in order to be in peace with yourself and your surroundings. When you are unhappy with your own self, you produce negative vibes and in return attract negativity. However, when people do yoga, not only does it help them in falling in love with the world that surrounds them but the world inside themselves as well.

During yoga practice and meditation, we are conscious of our thoughts and our body which lets us scrutinize what we think about our bodies. There’s no diversion from self-judgment and rejection. We also grow to be eagerly conscious of what we think and say regarding our bodies which is the initial step to not letting ourselves believe in those negative notions.

By focusing on what we are doing during the yoga practice and not focusing on the thoughts related to our bodies we choose to stop feeding those negative thought cycles that tear our confidence down. There’s a fraction of our mind that decides to lean into them and makes us take pleasure in the way we feel.

We learn to use our body in a different way. During our yoga practice, our body becomes a tool for physical strength and flexibility. It becomes a part of us that enables us to do a handstand, rise into a tree pose, or arc into a backbend. It becomes a part of us that supports us as we learn something new, and then master it.

When we start doing yoga, not only does it help us in thinking positively but we also start appreciating what our body can do, as it gives us a whole new perspective. We stop taking our body for granted especially because of the dramatic change in how we begin to feel because of yoga. Since we learn to see our body in a different spotlight, we realize that our bodies are not something that we should assess, measure and compare to others. We also learn to appreciate what we are blessed with and as a result we choose to love our bodies.

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