Experience local life, culture and learn to teach yoga in 23 days with Spiritual Yoga School

This summer learn to teach yoga in a different country under the best teachers in the world with Spiritual Yoga School. Learning to teach yoga was never this fun!

January 12th, 2014 – If you have learned yoga and cannot wait to share it with people around you, Spiritual Yoga School might just be the place for you. With their 23 days intensive yoga teacher training program, you can transform yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Not only do they give each student an opportunity to discover, explore and expand their yoga practice and increase their teaching talent but this training also lets them explore a new culture and its tradition which helps them in learning about the local life of the residents of an entirely new place and take pleasure in trying new things in a new destination.

The Spiritual Yoga School’s spokesperson told us, “We, at the Spiritual Yoga School offer 200 hours teacher trainings throughout the year. Our training programs are not only inspirational but also a lot of fun. People from different countries and different backgrounds join us everywhere and learn to teach yoga in a brand new culture. It definitely is very inspiring to see so many people coming so close to achieving their dreams. Our yoga teacher training programs include yoga philosophy, asana clinic, teaching methodology, pranayama, meditation, chanting and several other subjects related to yoga as our training has both theoretical and practical aspects.”

The spokesperson also added, “Our students get trained under highly qualified yoga instructors, who teach our students the skills that they need to pass on to their students to keep the authentic yoga traditions alive. At Spiritual Yoga School, we put emphasis on analytical training as well as guided practice. We direct our students through the steps that they require to learn in order to be capable to teach others with no difficulties. Not only do they develop physically and mentally, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Plus the exposure to a new lifestyle and an interesting culture lets them open up and find their true selves.”

About Spiritual Yoga School:

Spiritual Yoga School is a top-ranked training institution that has graduated hundreds of students from its three Hatha Yoga locations in Thailand.

Website: www.spiritualyogaschool.com

Email: spiritualyogaschool@gmail.com

Call: 0044 745 228 4851