5 Ways to Master the Art of Meditation

Meditation is usually known as the engagement in thought, expression or mental exercise for the sole reason of attaining a heightened and finely tuned stage of spiritual and mental awareness.

Meditation is found to be helpful in stress management, attainment of mental serenity, focus building and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. In actual fact, most people who practice meditation say that meditation has brought them a major relief from all sorts of stress related issues including physical and mental troubles. They have also reported that meditation has helped them in building a stronger immune system that makes them feel youthful, energetic and mentally more active.

Mastering the art of meditation is not difficult but it may require constant practice. Before you are ready to be able to learn to teach others how to meditate, you should first teach yourself. Following are a few ways that can help you:

1. Choosing the perfect place

Finding a comfortable place to meditate is one of the basic things that one must do in order to be able to meditate without interruption. Most people pick places that are remote, quiet and full of natural beauty for example a peaceful corner in a garden or near an ocean.

2. Finding the right position

Find a position that you feel relaxed in. If you are not comfortable it means that you are doing it wrong.

3. Breath Control

Proper breath control is the key to flawless meditation. Once you learn how to do that, you will have no troubles in learning the next steps as they are all correlated. It all begins with closing your eyes and focusing on the rise and fall of your abdomen while taking slow and deep breaths.

4. Control your thoughts

As you try to stay quiet and close your eyes, the thoughts in your mind will start racing. Try calming them down by focusing on your breath, at first it will be a little challenging but with practice you will start finding it a lot easier.

5. Slowly increase time

Keep a track of time and slowly increase the duration depending on your need and flexibility.

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